ACILIA VG project: complete furniture and lighting

Lighting, Contract
Emilio Bianchi

The project of the new ACILIA HS head office in Viareggio aims to strengthen the unity and recognition of the corporate image.

The project, conceived in an organic way, entrusts a central role to the language of light and to the articulation of the curved walls, aiming to perceptually dilate the spaces beyond the physical limits of the original envelope.

The surfaces wind like white ribbons in space, creating individual work environments internally and generating soft light-shaped volumes on the outside, interrupted in their continuity by precise vertical full-height glazed cuts.

An unusual, enveloping and reassuring work space, where art objects, ironic papier-mâché sculptures and pieces of modern art are placed, personal aesthetic solutions that stand out from the anonymity of so many contemporary workplaces.

Shapes, colors and perspectives are enhanced and animated by luminous lines embedded without solution of continuity internally in grooves obtained at the ends of the vertical surfaces.

The ceilings are transformed and shaped with a system of lighting bodies with organic shapes, perfectly integrated to create a general feeling of luminous comfort and visual and spatial well-being.


Francesco Tombacco

Architectural and Industrial design are the main features about his professional activities.

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