Ak_05 Tailormade. Reclaimed wood, a surface marked by history


Among the essences recently introduced in Ak_05 Tailormade, the reclaimed Fir (Tobacco, Chalet and River) is one of the most characteristic, difficult to replicate and with greater tonality. For this reason we considered it important to create a document that can support you not only to the sale but above all to the understanding of such material, so that you are able to transmit correctly and consciously the characteristics of this essence. The Tobacco Fir, Chalete River , are woods coming mostly from the alpine areas and recovered from the dismantling of mountain farms, barns and old houses. These buildings, whose external facades were made of fir wood planks, have been exposed for at least 60-70 years to the daily weather. Snow, wind, hail, rain and sun have forged the surface of each table every day, deeply engraving the signs of time. The holes in the nails used to join the boards or to hang work equipment, the roughness of the hollowed out and worn grain, the knots and the cracks are the indelible scars left by history over the years. The orientation of exposure of the building facades is also decisive: for example in the north the more humid wood and in the shades of gray, in the south instead the one more burnt by the sun therefore tendentially represented by the shades of red-brown. The recovery and restructuring of this material, used to make the fronts and some complements of Ak_05 Tailormade, takes place through a particular cleaning and sanitizing process, bringing to light and enhancing the natural characteristics of tone and its surface roughness. The first millimeters thick of the wood are those that indelibly bear the marks of time: it is the First Patina Fir.

Any kitchen made with reclaimed firs cannot be replicated, since the natural structure of the wood itself, the dimensions of the tables and the lots of material cannot be artificially reproduced.

Precisely because of the particularly variable characteristics of reclaimed wood, it is very complex and risky to represent it only with the aid of images and samples. These tools should be used as a first approach to verify the customer’s area of ​​taste. It is important that this product is also accompanied by an explanation that highlights all its features and nuances, so that the end customer is able to make an informed purchase.