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Passion, commitment and vision

So begins the business activity of the Alessi family in Bassano del Grappa. Three generations now, joined together “only” by the same value: the seriousness. Continuous growth of commitment and professionalism, without any interruption. An enviable historicity, which seem rare today.

The resourcefulness and passion of the founder, Mr. Luigi Alessi, who was the first that in the 40’s pointed the way to follow.

The foresight and vision of Giovanna Alessi that in the sixties goes against all, except with herself and her ideas. She believes in the pioneers of design, she attended and became friends with Dino Gravina and Busnelli. Introduces and offers products and brands (now historical) as Flos, Knoll and Simon. She goes beyond.

Giovanna knows Carlo Scarpa soon and in the 1978 commit him – with great conviction – the entire renovation project of her exhibition space in the downtown of Bassano, unfortunately not been realized, due to the premature death of the “Master”.

Finally the hard work and dedication of Michele, which begins to lead the company with great enthusiasm. He gets immediate support from the customers for his ability in choosing and selecting products and suppliers, for reliability and product innovation.

In 2002 Michele decided to strategically expand the exhibition space of the showroom located in the downtown annexing an entire level above the existing, thus enhancing the overall image. He committed the project to the Architects Claudio Caramel, Andrea Marin and Francesco Tombacco; starting from the unrealized project of Carlo Scarpa they redesign the exhibition spaces with extreme care and refinement. The result is a scenic and abstract space, with a strong identity, where the furnishings are carefully contextualized to be discovered gradually.

An open space for ideas, a young and dynamic team that uses the latest design technologies; this mix creates the perfect synergy with the most successful architects. Mutual comparison and the research lead to high results.