Progetto BD: Arredo Attico Completo

We design customized any environment in every single detail

A tailored job, exclusive in any detail. From the bathroom to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the living room, from the office to the walk-in closets, from the loft to the gym. A coordinated and organic project, unique and original for a refined and attractive result.

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The studio, the office and public places revisited and designed to the details

The combination of colors, the choice of materials and the study of ergonomics: everything you need to create a comfortable and functional working space, without losing the charm of living.

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Designing the lighting means studying the space, the materials, the colors and the furnishings

An accurate and customized lighting project. A dynamic light and advanced light that shapes and transforms volumes.

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Ak_05 Tailormade. Reclaimed wood, a surface marked by history
Among the essences recently introduced in Ak_05 Tailormade, the reclaimed Fir (Tobacco, Chalet...


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