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Island is the essence. Its independent structure is conceived to house the washing and cooking functions. Essential and unencumbered, its beaty glimmers even in traditionally styled environments. Wortop, frame, doors and fronts, all have the same thickness. The internal structure is a single frame with vertical dividers that can be positioned according to the customer's needs. All internal accessories are multlayered wood with surfaces, besides walnut veneer, in six new "soft" finish colour: salt, vanilla, emmer, clay, nutmeg and pepper.

Tall units are a complete functional larder. Each unit is equipped with containers alternating with niches for built-in appliances. Tall units heaight can be adjusted according to the need, to take full advantage of space customization. Wood veneer is the inner finish. Outer surfaces feature the nez "soft" finish, available in a rich colour palette. Inner and outer surfaces are available in the same colour and "soft" surface finish.


Wall version is a fully equipped wall. The structure is raised on a single supporting platform and features vertical dividers to organize the inner space. Doors have an internal frame suitable to be equipped with accessories. The wall module can have sliding doors, with minimum thickness to allow maximum use of inner space. Inside and outside surfaces are in the new "soft" finish.


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