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New Shops (Made in Italy)

Edited by:
Silvio San Pietro e Paola Gallo
Paolo Utimpergher
N° 8
42, 43, 44, 45

Lunette with red Plexiglas crowns mark the upstairs enlargement of this landmark furniture store in Bassano del Grappa, enacting an intriguing dialectic between several generations of Venetian architect designers.

In this latest intervention Caramel effects an understated re-reading of the project (never actuated) drafted by Carlo Scarpa at the start of the 1970s for the ground story, and captures the idea of the entrance not being a central pivot, and the scenic backdrop posed by the domineering curved wall.

The current project redesigns the threshold in the right wall so as to allow access to the floor above, generating a circulation ruote that conserves its lyrical note and provides varied sensory input, while accentuating the visual perception between outside, all governed by the treatment of the backdrop, which is made ethereal by the visual perception between outside and inside, all governed by the treatment of the backdrop, which is made ethereal by the gentle tonal variations in the resin floor around the entrance, and by distinguishing the stone skirting that marks a visual breach between vertical and horizontal.

The lean elegance of the elements creates a hushed atmosphere that shifts subtly from white to pale gray, to sable, starting with the broad “planks” of stone that border the glazed frontage, the overall effect being the upshot of a working method that focuses adroitly on detail and is greatly indebted Scarpa’s ideas.